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Council Meeting Update

December 16, 2013 Council Meeting

Here are a few brief highlights from the Council meeting. Full minutes will be posted here when they have been approved by Council. And you will be able to view the video of the meeting here.

  – Council directed staff  to approach potential funders such as NDIT to secure funding to complete an economic impact assessment of the airport and its current impact on the City.

– Council directed staff to obtain market value for City lease spaces and to evaluate each existing lease as the term expires based on the public good and benefits continuum.

 – Council reaffirmed the current Snow Plowing and Removal Priority map and also directed staff to move forward (in the spring) with a public consultation process and evaluation of the current Snow Plowing and Removal Policy.

 – Council directed staff to provide a report on suites in the community, and a review of the zoning and OCP bylaw regulations governing those uses in our community and a comparison with neighbouring communities regulations and the information they used to implement those regulations