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City of Dawson Creek Chosen For Performance Audit

May 29, 2013 

The City of Dawson Creek is pleased to announce that it received notification today that the Office of the Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG) will be coming to Dawson Creek for one of the first performance audits ever conducted by that office.   As part of the AGLG’s 2013/14 Service Plan, Dawson Creek has been selected for an audit on the themes of capital procurement and asset management.

The City of Dawson Creek has been very supportive of the introduction of the AGLG and welcomes the opportunity to participate in this historic audit.  Acting Mayor Charlie Parslow commented: “The City of Dawson Creek is very proud of its efforts to ensure the community’s fiscal sustainability and to provide transparency around our financial processes. The Auditor General for Local Government seeks to strengthen British Columbian’s confidence in their local government’s stewardship of public assets and the achievement of value for money in their operations.  We believe that our goals and objectives are closely aligned with those of the AGLG.”

City Staff have been in contact with the senior audit manager for the Office of the AGLG, Glen Lewis, to begin discussions over the timing and details of the audit.  Council and staff look forward to hosting the AGLG team in the coming months.


For further information contact:
Acting Mayor Charlie Parslow, 250.784.3616
Chief Administrative Officer, Jim Chute, 250.784.3613

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