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Press Release

For Immediate Release
July 26, 2013

Tree Removal Plan approved in order to meet Airport Zoning Regulations

The City is required to remove a substantial amount of trees currently located within the protected airspace of the Dawson Creek Regional Airport.  On July 15th, Council approved a recommendation from the Airport Manager to remove trees on the west end of the airport property and in the fairgrounds that have grown into the restricted zone.  “The City is responsible to ensure there are no objects such as buildings, towers, cranes or vegetation that encroach into these federally regulated zones”, says Airport Manager, Ian Darling.

He further explains that the height limitation varies depending on the location, with the Airport zoning split into 3 zones.  The ‘Approach Zone’ begins 60 meters off either end of the runway, with the slope gradually rising 1 foot in every 50 feet and spreading out in a cone shape. The ‘Transition Zone’ begins at a point off either side of the runway has a rising slope of 1 foot in every 7 feet. The third zone is the ‘Outer Surface’ which takes in a circular area of approximately two miles around the Dawson Creek Regional Airport. This zone covers the areas outside of the other two zones and has a height restriction of 45 meters.”

Transport Canada has been notified and a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) has been issued advising pilots of the safety issue. Organizations affected by this process, the Dawson Creek Exhibition Association and the Dawson Creek & District Stable and Arena Association, have also been advised.  “Although it will be quite a change to the landscape around the airport and fairgrounds, plans are already underway to revitalize the areas with vegetation that meets the zoning regulations and re-establishes a green corridor specifically in the fairgrounds area” says Acting Mayor Shaely Wilbur.  

A Request for Quotations has been issued for the removal of the trees to be completed by September 3rd, with every effort to be made to keep the area in an esthetically pleasing condition.

2013 Airport Brushing Overall Area Map

Contacts for the City of Dawson Creek:
Acting Mayor Shaely Wilbur, 250.719.9492
Ian Darling, Airport Manager, 250.719.2500 or
Jim Chute, Chief Administrative Officer, 250.784.3613