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July 14, 2014 Council Agenda is Posted

The agenda  for the Council meeting on July 14th  is posted. Prior the the Regular Meeting of Council at 8:30 am there will be  a Public Consultation and Public Hearing regarding Proposed OCP Amendment (14-03) Bylaw No. 4223, 2014 from Service Commercial to Residential and Zoning Amendment (14-11) Bylaw No. 4224, 2014 from C3 (Commercial-Highway Zone) to RM-2 (Residential Medium Density Multiple Family Zone).

 A few highlights of the agenda include:

  • A delegation to Council on backyard chickens
  • The 2013 Annual Report will be presented for approval
  • A report on the disposition of Grandview School

Please look at the full agenda  for all items and details.