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Media Release – Fire Engine Push


May 23, 2014

The City of Dawson Creek’s new fire engine will be officially placed into service after it is blessed and city officials take part in a traditional ceremony where the truck will be “pushed” into the station.

The event is set for 1300hrs Tuesday June 10, 2014 at the fire station. 

After the vehicle is blessed by local pastors, the Mayor and Councilors will clean the wheel wells and symbolically push the 19000 kg (21 Ton) truck into the fire station while a firefighter steers it.

The tradition of pushing a truck into the station dates to the 1800s when fire wagons were pulled by horses.  After returning from a fire, the horses would be unlatched and the community members would help fire fighters push the wagon back into the station.

Some departments today, when a new truck enters service for the first time, still hold a ceremony where the community pushes it into the station.

For more information call Fire Chief Shorty Smith at 250-782-9898

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