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NEWS RELEASE: Watch your mailbox for the SURE WATER newsletter!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – April 28th, 2014

Dawson Creek, BC – If you live in Dawson Creek or Pouce Coupe, be sure to check your mailbox this week for your copy of the SURE WATER newsletter as we continue the conversation about our future water supply.

“We had a great response from our community during last year’s SURE WATER campaign, as we sought your feedback on the future of our water supply. Of the four options presented, two-thirds of residents who provided feedback preferred building a pipeline to either the Peace or Murray River,” said Mayor Dale Bumstead. “Since then, we’ve done some additional homework and have new information that we feel is important to share with you – and then get your feedback again.”

“For example, we have new information about population projections and the amount of water available to us in times of drought. Plus, we did some in-depth funding analyses to look at ways of raising the millions of dollars that would be needed  to build a pipeline, and what that would mean to us as taxpayers,” added Mayor Bumstead. “We also wanted to let you know about new restrictions for the industrial use of freshwater for purposes such as fracking as a result of last year’s feedback.”

An open house and public meeting, the Community Water Security Forum, held May 8th at the Encana Events Centre, provides an opportunity for people to learn more, talk with Council and staff, and provide their ideas and feedback. The open house runs from 5:00 to 9:00 pm, with presentations at 7:00 pm followed by a question and answer session.

This year’s community forum on water also brings the youth perspective. It is being held as part of a youth leadership conference called Water Works: Exploring the Value of Water at Home and Abroad, being hosted by students from Dawson Creek Secondary as they discuss and debate water.

The SURE WATER newsletter being delivered to all Dawson Creek and Pouce Coupe homes and businesses this week includes information about three possible funding scenarios ($55M, $75M, $100M) for the pipeline option, which was preferred by about two-thirds of respondents to last year’s survey. It also outlines possible taxpayer impacts and another survey to gauge your support for the pipeline, given the new information.

 “While we recognize there’s a lot of financial information in the newsletter, we feel it’s important to share so our community better understands the taxpayer impacts to raise the money to build and operate a pipeline,” added Mayor Bumstead. “It’s part of continuing the conversation about when and how to invest our tax dollars so we continue to have a safe, clean, and reliable source of water.”

There are several ways people can learn more and provide their feedback:

–          Read the newsletter being delivered to your mailbox at the end of April and fill in the survey you’ll find inside. You can also pick up a  copy at City Hall, the library, or the pool

–          Visit for links to the newsletter, background information and an online version of the survey

–          Come to the SURE WATER Community Forum May 8th at the Encana Center. The open house starts at 5:00 PM and the presentations and panel discussion starts at 7:00 PM, followed by a question and answer session

–          Host a SURE WATER Talk. Get together with family and friends to talk about water – how we use it, how we protect it and what we’ll need for the future – and to help, we’ll even throw in the pizza! Simply visit City Hall to pick up your SURE WATER Talk conversation kit!



Mayor Dale Bumstead

Mayor, City of Dawson Creek

Phone: 250-784-3616


Kevin Henderson

Director of Infrastructure & Sustainable Development

Phone: 250-784-3622