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Press Release

Water Treatment Plant Funding Approved

Government of Canada Clean Water and Wastewater Fund

For Immediate Release

September 30, 2016

The Government of Canada and the Province of BC announced today that more than $450 million has been made available for projects across the province through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund.  We are very excited to announce that the City of Dawson Creek Water Treatment Plant Upgrades scheduled for 2017 has been identified as one of the 35 initial projects approved.  This will provide the City with over $3.7 million towards the project. 

“The strength of our community is building core infrastructure”, says Mayor Bumstead. “This partnership with the Provincial and Federal governments is a huge benefit to the residents of Dawson Creek and to the rural areas that access potable water from our system.” 

Completion of this project will allow the City to treat approximately 8000 cubic meters of water per day more than is currently possible, minimizing the current stress on the City’s system and providing opportunity for future growth.   

Government of Canada News Release


For further information please contact:

Mayor Dale Bumstead                                    Jim Chute, Chief Administrative Officer

250.784.3616                                                  250.784.3613