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Regular Meeting of Council February 22, 2016.

A Regular Council Meeting will be held Monday, February 22, 2016 and will include:

  • Letter from Rick Molson (January 27, 2016) re: Kenn Borek Aquatic Centre & Wayne & Bev Dahlen Walking Track Hours.
  • Letter from Bruce Christensen, Past President, NCLGA (February 3, 2016) re: 2016 Board Nominations.
  • Yvonne Hussey, Monkey See Monkey Do Preschool in attendance re: Renting a Classroom at O’Brien School for Preschool.
  • Blaine Massee & Judy McPherson, Mile Zero Cruisers in attendance re: 2016 Summer Cruise.
  • Report No. 16-012 from the Director of Development Services re: Paving & Roadworks Contract.
  • Report No.16-017 from the Director of Corporate Administration re: Kindness Meters Policy.
  • Report No. 16-019 from the Director of Community Services re: 2016-01 Hanging Baskets RFQ.
  • Animal Responsibility Amendment Bylaw No. 4280, 2016 for consideration of adoption. 
  • Zoning Amendment (16-01) Bylaw No. 4286, 2016  (11328 -13A Street) for consideration of third reading and adoption.

This meeting will be followed by a Budget Meeting @ 1:00 pm regarding the 2016 Financial Plan.

Follow the links below to access the full Agenda Packages:

Public Hearing Agenda

Regular Meeting of Council

Budget Meeting