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Regular Meeting of Council March 21, 2016

A Regular Council Meeting will be held Monday, March 21, 2016 and will include:

  • Letter from Cathy Will (March 8, 2016) re: Challenge to Become a “We Stand for Trees” Community.

  • Letter from Alisha Patterson, President, Mile Zero Figure Skating Club (March 10, 2016) re: Memorial Arena Ice Extension Request.

  • Bonnie Lehmann, Canadian Cancer Society in attendance re:  Proclamation of April as “Daffodil Month”.

  • Michelle Mobley, Lakeview Learning Centre, Kouroush Ebadi, Nawican Friendship Centre, Jennifer Johnson & Theresa Gladue, Northern Lights College in attendance re: Proclamation of “International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination”.

  • Report No. 16-031 from the Senior City Planner re: Development Permit 16-01 (Vetter 8600 – 21st Street) for Issuance.

  • Report No. 16-032 from the Senior City Planner re: Development Permit 16-02 (Middleton/Brown’s Chevrolet).

  • Report No. 16-029 from the Director of Infrastructure re: Paving and Roadworks Tender Update.

  • Report No. 16-033 from the Director of Infrastructure re: City Compost Facility.
  • Report No. 16-038 from the Director of Corporate Administration re: Bylaw Notice System Implementation.

Follow the links below to access the full Agenda Packages:

 Regular Meeting of Council


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