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Regular Meeting of Council October 3, 2016

A Public Consultation, a Public Hearing and Regular Council Meeting will be held Monday, October 3, 2016 and will include:

  • Email from Hilary Crowley, Physiotherapists for Northern Communities (September 9, 2016) re: Request for Support – Northern Physiotherapy Program.

  • Tina Hill, Deb Watt and delegation, Ministry of Children & Family Development in attendance re: Foster Family Month Proclamation.

  • Jay Morrison, Spectra Energy in attendance re: Spectra Energy Operations and Expansion Project Update.

  • Report No. 16-148 from the City Planner re: Revisions to DP 16-04 (Dawson Mall – Save On Foods).

  • Report No. 16-153 from the Director of Community Services re: 2016 Fire Hall Renovation Viability Study.

  • Report No. 16-150 from the City Planner re: Zoning Bylaw Amendment (16-06) – Bylaw No. 4330, 2016 (11612 8th Street).

    • Zoning Amendment (16-06) Bylaw 4330, 2016 for consideration of first and second reading.

Follow the links below to access the full Agenda Packages:

Public Consultation

Public Hearing

Regular Meeting of City Council