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Regular Meeting of Council September 12, 2016

A Regular Council Meeting will be held Monday, September 12, 2016 and will include:

  • Letter from Megan Klitch, Tobacco Lead, Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon (August 12, 2016) re: Invitation to Endorse the Society’s Recommendation to Expand the Scope of BC’s Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act.

  • Letter from Terry O’Dwyer, TBO Advertising (August 26, 2016) re: Arena Rink Board Advertising Contract.

  • Johanna Kunz, Success By 6,  United Way of Northern BC in attendance re: Proclamation of September as “United Way Month”.

  • Report No. 16-146 from the Director of Corporate Administration re: Animal Control Officer and Building Inspector Designation.

  • Report No. 16-137 from the Senior City Planner re: South Peace Comprehensive Development Plan Review.

  • Report No. 16-141 from the Director of Development Services re: Fire Training Facility.

  • Report No. 16-139 from the City Planner re: Dawson Trail Land Donation

    • Land Acquisition Bylaw No. 4328, 2016 for consideration of first three readings.
    • Official Community Plan Amendment (16-02) Bylaw No. 4321, 2016 for consideration of first two readings.
    • Zoning Amendment (16-04) Bylaw No. 4322, 2016 for consideration of first two readings.
    • Dawson Creek Park Dedication Bylaw Amendment Bylaw No. 4329, 2016 for consideration of first three readings.

Follow the link below to access the full Agenda Package:

Public Consultation

Public Hearing

Regular Meeting of City Council