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Draft Encroachment Policy – Public Consultation Period

The City of Dawson Creek recognizes that encroachments onto City property exist and will continue to be discovered.  On July 17th, Council approved a draft Encroachment Policy to be presented to the public for a 30 day comment period.  The full staff report and the draft policy can be found on the City’s website, but if you only have a couple of minutes to spare please review the following highlights. 

It is the intention of the City to apply the new encroachment policy when a complaint is received, when encroachments are identified by the City through its normal work, or when an application for an encroachment is received.

The policy includes guidelines to make sure that encroachments do not:

  • negatively affect City lands and easements or the City’s ability to maintain effective services,
  • restrict public access and enjoyment of lands for public use,
  • or contradict Federal/Provincial legislation, City bylaws, City policies, or City planning documents.

Encroachment applications will first be received by City Staff, who will apply the following criteria before providing a recommendation to Council to either approve or reject the application:

  1. encroachments within an emergency access;
  2. encroachments that create, or have the potential to create, a hazardous situation;
  3. encroachments that reduce off-street parking for more than 48 hours (except those related to development);
  4. encroachments that obstruct sightlines;
  5. encroachments that obstruct, or damage utilities;
  6. parkland designation, including levels of access and public use;
  7. the impact on neighbouring properties;
  8. the amount of land being utilized/requested;
  9. permits;
  10. new development or long standing development;
  11. plans for future use by the City.

If approved by Council, the required documentation will be signed and filed on title.  If the application is not approved, the encroachment will need to be removed.

Written comments will be received by email at or by mail at P.O. Box 150, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4E8 or you can drop it off at City Hall – 10105 12A Street.  If you have questions, please contact City Administration at 250-784-3614 or the Mayor at 250-784-3616.

The policy will be reconsidered by Council at the August 21st meeting.  Written comments or requests to appear as a delegation must be received by noon on August 14th in order to be included on the agenda. 

Encroachment Policy Report

Encroachment Policy