Regular Meeting of Council April 3, 2017

A Regular Meeting of Council will be held on April 3, 2017 and will include:

  • Verbal Report from Councillor Wilbur re: Flash Photography at Council Meetings.

  • Letter from Alistair McInnis, Manager of Communications and Events, Dawson Creek and District Hospital Foundation (March 13, 2017) re: Hospital Charity Golf Tournament, May 26, 2017.

  • Letter from Anndra Graff, President, Dawson Creek Minor Ball (March 29, 2017) re: Letter of Support for Dawson Creek Minor Ball Application to Recreation Foundation of BC.

  • Jeremy Linklater, Dawson Creek Music Festival in attendance re: Permission to Use Kin Park Bowl for the Dawson Creek Music Festival 2017.

  • Tyness Meadows, Evelyn Willison, and Ramendeep Kaur, Northern Brain Injury Association in attendance re: Acquired Brain Injury.

  • Johanna Kunz, Regional Coordinator, Success By 6 and Children First in attendance re: Community Presentation by Success By 6.

  • Chelsea Mottishaw, City of Dawson Creek Watershed Coordinator in attendance re: Provide an Update on the Kiskatinaw Watershed Stewardship Program  – 2016 Highlights & 2017 Plans & Goals.

  • Erin Oliver, City of Dawson Creek Recreation Programmer in attendance re: PITCH-IN CANADA’s Operation:Clean Sweep! Proclamation.

  • Report No. 17-047 from the Director of Development Services re: Federal Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund.

  • Report No. 17-049 from the Director of Development Services re: Dawson Creek Non-Structural Flood Mitigation Contribution Agreement.
  • Report No. 17-047 from the Director of Corporate Administration re: Appointment of Officers Amendment Bylaw No. 4352, 2017 for consideration of first three readings.


You can view the full agenda package below:

Regular Meeting of City Council – 03 Apr 2017 – PDF
Regular Meeting of City Council – 03 Apr 2017 – Split-screen