Mining Sector

For decades, the Peace Region mining industry centered in Tumbler Ridge has been a major economic driver. With the rise and fall of commodity prices over the years, the communities in proximity to the mines have had to weather the boom and bust cycle that comes with the mining industry. After several years of low commodity prices, several mines had idled back or closed operations. However, 2016 saw a surge in Coal prices, particularly in Metallurgical coal, which led to the the restart of mines in the area. In the fall of 2016 Conuma Coal reopened the Brule Mine adding 170 jobs to the area. The Wolverine Mine also opened and began producing coal in 2017, providing an additional 220 jobs to the local economy.

Environmental Assessments are currently ongoing for two proposed additional mines that, if approved, would add approximately 5.5 million metric tonnes of production annually to the Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd regions.

Major Mining Projects & Investment Opportunities:

Canadian Kailuan Dehua Mines Co. Ltd.

Gething Project: The Gething coal project is located 25 km west of Hudson’s Hope, and is estimated to be a $1.36 billion investment. Exploration to date indicates the potential for a forty year mine life.


Cardero Resources Corp.

Carbon Creek Coal Field: This field, located close to Hudson’s Hope as well, will begin surface mine operations first, with the goal of beginning underground mine operations two years after surface mining begins. This will allow time to develop an access area for the underground coal seams. Total estimated investment is $452 million USD and estimated life span of the mine is 30 years.


HD Mining International Ltd.

Murray River Project: The Murray River property is located southwest of Tumbler Ridge. Field drilling and preliminary exploration confirm estimated deposits. Taking into account the projected amount of coal reserves on the site, this $300 million project will produce significant employment and economic spin-offs in BC over a 50 year life span.



Company Drilling Project Mine
Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc Bullmoose River  
  Wapiti River  
Canadian Kailuan Dehua Mines Co Ltd Gething  
Cardero Resources Corp Carbon Creek  
Colonial Coal International Corp Huguenot  
HD Mining International Ltd Murray River  
Homegold Resources Ltd Wapiti  
Peace River Coal Inc/Anglo American plc*  Horizon Ridge  
  Roman Mountain  
  Roman Northwest  
Teck Coal Ltd Quintette*  
Walter Energy Inc   Brule
  Mink Creek East  
  Mink Creek West  
  Willow South Willow Creek
  Willow West  
Xstrata Coal Sukunka  

*transitioning to “care and maintenance” mode

**mines shut down at this time