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2018 Reader’s Choice Awards

The City of Dawson Creek was pleased to accept the following awards from the 2018 Reader’s Choice Awards, presented by Nicole Palfy of the Dawson Creek Mirror at the City Council Meeting held on December 3rd:

Best Fundraising Event: Terry Fox Run

Best Civic Leader: Dale Bumstead

Best Place for Biking: Dawson Creek Walking Trails

Best Place for a Picnic: Kin Park

Best Place for Walking: Dawson Creek Walking Trails

The following City of Dawson Creek employees were also recognized in the Reader’s Choice Awards.Thank you to the Dawson Creek Mirror for hosting the Reader’s Choice Awards, and to Nicole Palfy for attending the council meeting to present the certificates. 


In 2017, Dawson Creek City Council was made aware of several encroachments located on the City owned property known as “Chamberlain Park” in the Willowbrook area. After numerous consultations with affected property owners, Council is investigating options available to address these trespasses. Many of these options involve the removal of the park designation of the affected portion of the park. As this land has been dedicated as park, Council must first seek the approval of the electors to remove the park dedication designation.  If the park dedication is removed from this portion of Chamberlain Park, City staff will then use the new Trespass/Encroachment Policy to work with each affected property owner in order to seek compliance.

City Council is now seeking the approval of the electors in order to remove the park dedication from the 12.72 acres of land within Chamberlain Park as shown in bold and hatched on the map below.  

In order to remove the park dedication on this portion of land, Council needs to adopt Dawson Creek Park Dedication Amendment Bylaw No. 4399, 2018.  If any eligible elector wishes to prevent Council from proceeding until a referendum is held, they will need to complete an Elector Response Form and submit it to the City on or before the deadline of 4:30 pm on January 14, 2019.  If by the deadline, less than 762 eligible electors submit Elector Response Forms, then Council may consider adoption of the bylaw.

A copy of the staff report outlining the changes in further detail can be found on the City’s website or can be seen between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, at City Hall, 10105 – 12A Street, Dawson Creek, BC.  Questions or comments regarding the bylaw may be directed to Brenda Ginter, Corporate Officer at 250-784-3614 or


Brenda Ginter

Corporate Officer

Regular Meeting of Council on Monday, December 3, 2018

A Regular Council Meeting will be held on Monday, December 3, 2018 and will include:

  • Katrin Saxty, Planning Consultant, Urban Systems re: Zoning 101 Workshop.

  • Letter from Jacquline Spurrell,  School Liaison for Family Support , Dawson Creek Secondary School (November 27,2018) re: Request for Donation of Bus Passes.
  • Report No. 18-198 from the Director of Development Services re: Commemorative Plaque for 10th Street Bridge.

You can view the full agenda package below:


Regular Meeting of City Council – 3 Dec 2018 – PDF
Regular Meeting of City Council – 3 Dec 2018 – HTML

MEDIA RELEASE – Southern Mountain Caribou Engagement Demanded Immediately

For Immediate Release

November 23, 2018 

It has come to the attention of the Peace River Regional District that the Province and area First Nations are very close to signing an AIP (Agreement In Principal) on the creation of a large area dedicated to the protection of the Caribou. The purpose of the area is said to be in response to the Federal Government concerns about Southern Mountain Caribou Recovery in the Burnt Pine Herd. Sources tell us that this may include loss of access by industry and the general public to a large area of approximately 420,000 acres or 650 sq. miles located from Chetwynd to Mt Lemoray North and South. This could result in significant loss of annual cut in the forestry industry.

In May of 2018 Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Catherine McKenna, declared that a few Southern Mountain Caribou herds face “imminent threats to their recovery”. The Province of BC has committed to protect and restore caribou habitat; the Peace River Regional District is supportive of these efforts but know that the stakeholders who are directly affected have not been included in planning and that all initiatives must be a result of science and evidence-based analysis.

The PRRD and area residents have been promised stakeholder engagement in this process but it has not happened. There is concern that similar plans are in the works for the Quintette and Narraway herds in the Tumbler Ridge area and other herds throughout BC.

The Provincial Government does not have a mandate to continue to make deals that will devastate communities and the way of life in the PRRD without involving the residents and industrial partners in our region.

The Peace River Regional District demands that the province and the federal government suspend any further discussion on these issues until a comprehensive impact analysis is completed on all socioeconomic impacts of any changes to land use in our communities. This analysis must be done throughout the entire PRRD to accurately measure any and all effects on our communities and way of life.

Immediate and constructive engagement is demanded now before a deal is made.

To discuss the Peace River Regional District concerns about Southern Mountain Caribou Engagement

Please contact

Chair Brad Sperling

Vice Chair Dan Rose

CAO Shawn Dahlen

Proposed Policy – Cannabis and Liquor Licence Applications Policy

At the Regular Meeting of Council held November 19, 2018, Council proposed a Cannabis and Liquor Licence Applications Policy. Attached is the proposed policy.

Any member of the public who feels they may be affected by the proposed changes to the City of Dawson Creek’s policy may submit comments regarding these proposed amendments, in writing, to:

Brenda Ginter, Director of Corporate Administration via email: or fax 250.782.3203 or drop them off at City Hall at 10105 12A Street no later than 4:30 pm on December 27, 2018.

Cannabis and Liquor Licence Applications Policy