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2017-40 RFQ Airport Motor Grader

Tender awarded to Brandt Tractor for the bid price of $295,000 (plus tax). Thank you to those who submitted a bid.


2017-37 Runway Condition Reporting System

Tender awarded to Tradewind Scientific Ltd.for the bid price of $21,539 (taxes included). Thank you to those who submitted a bid.


2017-39 Invitation for Bids RCMP Detachment Renovation

Tender awarded to WL Construction for the bid price of $80,380 (plus GST). Thank you to those who submitted a bid.


2017-38 Invitation to Tender – 2017 Site Servicing and Insulation Works

Not awarded


2017-36 Invitation to Tender 2017 Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Not Awarded.