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  Stewardship Statement

“The Council of the City of Dawson Creek believes that the future quality of life in the community will be compromised if the current trends in revenues and expenditures are not addressed. Revenues are not growing fast enough to fund predicted future expenditures, especially for necessary infrastructure. Council intends to develop a range of solutions to protect the future of the community and urges our current citizens to actively engage with us in this vital work.”  November 7, 2016  

2018 Budget 

Final 2018 Documents – Check it out!

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Key Information

May 4, 2018 – Adoption of the Financial Plan and Tax Tate Bylaws

May 2, 2018 – Approval of the first 3 readings of the Financial Plan and Tax Rate Bylaws

April 16, 2018 – Council’s Third Budget Meeting – Five Year Plan

March 12, 2018 – Public Consultation Session will be held at the Council Chambers at 1:00 PM.  Check out details of the budget in advance on the 2018 Budget Brochure-

February 26, 2018 –  Council’s second Budget Meeting was held. Check out the details  on the 2018 Financial Plan Draft 2 Update Report

February 5, 2018 – Council’s first Budget Meeting was held.  Proposed tax rates and Operations Budget were discussed.  Check out the details on the  2018 Draft1 Budget Report and the 2018 Financial Plan-Draft 1.  A list of resolutions to this meeting will be provided as soon as it is ready.

November 20, 2017 – The 2018 Preview Assessment Roll Information was received from BC Assessment (BCAA) and presented to Council. This preliminary roll shows the value increases and decreases in the different assessment classes of Dawson Creek’s property assessment base. 

The preview roll is 90% accurate but it is the Completed Assessment Roll that the City receives from BCAA in January 2018 that is used to calculate the tax rates for the upcoming budget year. This is the same time residents receive their Property Assessment Notices in the mail.

October 23, 2017Council approved the 2018 Budget Process Timeline  and the Budget Assumption Report  Please check it out.  Some of the recommendations are as follows:

  1. That the 2018 Budget Timeline be approved as presented.
  2. That the 2018 public consultation process be modernized to use the City’s website and other online platforms to provide budget information to a wider demographic, and; further that if contentious issues arise during the process that Council agrees to host two face to face town hall meetings to gather feedback from the public.
  3. That the 2018 Five Year Financial Plan be based on the principles and values included in the City’s Vision, Mission and Guiding Principle documents, Council’s City of Dawson Creek Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018 document and other bylaw and policy documents.
  4. That the list of City services funded in 2017 will form the basis for the 2018 budget absent a new City Services policy.
  5. That the methodology used in preparing the 2018 Financial Plan will be based on an integrated and long term approach to setting tax rates, fees and charges and service provision.
  6. That any funding gap created in the current operations budget from rising service and program costs and lower than forecasted operating revenues be funded by a combination of modest tax rate increases, modest targeted service reductions and modest reductions to the 2018 capital plan.
  7. That the Long Term Development Plan and the Annual Development Plan as presented be used as the City’s guide to Peace River Agreement funding use.
  8. Administration to provide a statement of impact on fiscal gap for all capital projects.


Previous Year’s Documents


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