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Leadership Development

You could work for us…if you have a current NL, Standard First Aid, CPR C, WSI, CGI 1.  Call us today!

How to become a lifeguard/instructor:
Step 1 – Bronze Medallion (must be Age 13+ or have Bronze Star)
Step 2 – Bronze Cross
Step 3 – NL/SFA/CPR C
Step 4 – Water Safety Instructor (WSI)

Please keep in mind that all of the following courses are offered when there is sufficient interest to fill the classes. If you are interested, please call the pool and your name will be placed on a interest list if it is not being currently offered. All courses require a minimum number of participants to run.

All courses listed below are 100% mandatory attendance. There may be pre-course assignments, so register a minimum of 1 week in advance. Please refer to our Refund/Credit policy at the bottom of this page.

Registering online? Select View Course Dates, Times and Fees here. and then select “Available for registration only” to view all available courses.