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Climbing Wall

Haven’t tried the climbing wall yet? Come on down! We offer Introductory Climbing classes, Orientation sessions, Drop In sessions…and our very own Climbing Clubs! Check out the info below! Please note, everyone under the age of 19 must have their parent or legal guardian sign a waiver before they can climb.

Location: #2 – 300 Highway 2 (at the Kenn Borek Aquatic Centre). Call us for more information at 250-782-7946.

Please Remember: 

  • No recording devices in the facility.

Walking Track

The walking track is located on the 3rd floor of the Events Centre. Access is via the Kenn Borek Aquatic Centre at #2-300, Hwy 2, Dawson Creek, BC. (all participants must sign in at the pool). The track is free to use and lockers are available in the pool lobby (lockers are .50 – tokens can be purchased at pool reception). For information, contact 250-782-7946.

1 lap = 250 meters (or .155 miles) 4 laps = 1 Kilometer 6 laps = 1 mile (approx.)

Please Remember: 

  • Sign in at the pool (before using track)
  • Sign out at the pool (after using track)
  • INDOOR SHOES ONLY on track – outdoor footwear to be removed at pool, prior to track use (footwear can be locked up at pool lobby)
  • Children 12 and under MUST be with a responsible adult
  • There are 2 directions that change weekly. Walkers stay to the inside of the track and runners stay to the outside.
  • As a courtesy to all users, please ensure you walk and run in the correct direction as posted. No more than 2 people side by side to allow room for people passing.
  • Please do not stop on the track – there are several resting areas located around and off the track.
  • Strollers are welcome on the walking track but please be sure your wheels are clean and you are in control of your stroller at all times.
  • The track is ALWAYS CLOSED on Weekends, Pre-Post Events and Stat Holidays.