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Meeting Information

All meetings are held upstairs in Council Chambers at City Hall at 10105 12A Street and begin at 8:30 am. Information for the agenda must be provided to the Administration Department in writing no later than 12 Noon the Monday preceding the meeting date.

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2017 Council Meeting Schedule

2018 Council Meeting Schedule

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Request to Appear Before Council as a Delegation or to Receive a Proclamation

Regular Council Meetings begin at 8:30 am, and delegations and proclamations are received at 9:00 am.  Maximum presentation time for delegations is 10 minutes, with a 10 minute question period, unless previously approved.

Requests to appear before Council and supporting documentation (i.e. PowerPoint Presentations) must be submitted by 12 noon the Monday, prior to the Council meeting. If the Monday is a Statutory Holiday this form and all supporting documentation must be submitted by 12 noon the first business day preceding the holiday.  

Delegation/Proclamation Request (Fillable)

Delegation/Proclamation Request (Print Version)

Committee of the Whole

Immediately following the SECOND meeting of each month will be an information sharing session called the “Committee of the Whole”.

The “Committee of the Whole” structure has been included to increase communications and information flows between Council, City staff and the public.   During this session, there will be a short presentation from each department head highlighting their departments’ activities from the previous month.  Councillors will also use this session to report on their external committees and boards.

Question and Answer Period

The Question and Answer Period provides the public access to Council in order to obtain information regarding the business of the Corporation.  The Question and Answer Period will be held in Council Chambers during the fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the Media Question Period of Council. The following protocol applies to the Question and Answer Period.


  • A questioner must be a property owner, resident of the municipality and/or a person who is deemed to be directly affected by the matter to be addressed.
  • Persons wishing to ask a question must register to do so. Opportunity to register will be available at City Hall on the Friday before the meeting from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Registration Form
  • Registration will not be carried forward from meeting to meeting. Persons that have registered but have not addressed their question to Council at the end of Question and Answer Period, will be advised to return to the next Regular Meeting and re-register, or may submit their questions for subsequent written response.
  • Questioners must submit their questions in writing to the Director of Corporate Administration in advance of speaking.  Forms will be provided for this purpose, at the time of registration.
  • Questioners must respect the need for Question Period to proceed in a timely fashion and must proceed according to these guidelines:
    • Address the Mayor when speaking;
    • State their name and residential address, prior to presenting their question to Council;
    • Speak clearly and concisely into the microphone at the Delegation Table; when and where one is available;
    • Agree to speak for not more than three minutes and to speak only once during the meeting (unless invited by the Mayor to extend the discussion).
  • Questioners are required to ask a question and are not permitted to make a speech. A question will be ruled out of order if speaking to matters of current litigation or legal action against the Corporation of the City of Dawson Creek. A questioner making political statements, using rude and/or obscene language or defamatory comments or speaking about a bylaw from a closed public hearing will also be ruled out of order.
  • Council reserves the right to defer responding to a question in order to obtain the information required to provide a comprehensive and accurate response.