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Development Applications 

Development Permits

Development Permit Areas are designated in Dawson Creek for one or more of the following purposes. The form and character of development, specifically: multi-family residential, commercial, and light industrial development. The Protection of development from hazardous conditions areas and protection of natural environmental areas.

Development Variance Permits

Development Variance Permits are permits authorized by City Council to allow variances to certain requirements of the City’s Zoning Bylaw, Sign Bylaw, or Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw.

Official Community Plan Amendments

The OCP may be amended, from time to time, with regard to specific issues or proposals.

Rezoning & Zoning Bylaw Text Amendments 

Owners of property may apply to amend the zoning on their property. Zoning Bylaw Text amendments amend a requirement or regulation within the Bylaw affecting a particular zone.

Sign Permits

Anyone intending to place a sign on the exterior of any building or structure, or on any property in the City, must make an application and obtain approval from the Development Service Department for a Sign Permit, prior to installation. 


A subdivision of land can create two or more lots out of one lot, adjust an existing property (lot) line, or consolidate two or more lots into one.

Sustainability Checklist

The City of Dawson Creek now requires a completed Sustainability Checklist to be submitted with all Official Community Plan and Zoning amendment applications, Subdivision, Development Permit and Development Variance Permit applications.

The checklist has been developed to assist staff and Council in the assessment of development applications with respect to the City’s overall future vision, community goals and policies.

Temporary Use Permit

A Temporary Use Permit allows a use of land, on a temporary basis, not otherwise permitted in the City’s Zoning Bylaw.