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Development Permits

Development Permit Areas are designated in Dawson Creek for one or more of the following purposes:

  • The form and character of development, specficially:
    • intensive residential (duplexes, tri-plexes, fourplexes),
    • multi-family (townhouses, rowhouses, apartments)
    • commercial, and
    • industrial development;
  • Protection of Natural areas; and
  • Protection of development from hazardous conditions (i.e., steep slopes).

Form and Character Development Permits

Form and character development permits typically review proposed developments for exterior building design, landscaping, siting/placement of buildings and parking, and building finishes and colours.

Development Permit Areas have been established in several areas of the City under the Official Community Plan.

Owners of land within a Development Permit Area are required to obtain a Development Permit prior to subdividing land, constructing or adding to a building or structure. Single-family dwellings do not require a form and character development permit.

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