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Garbage & Recycling

Most homes in Dawson Creek receive weekly curbside waste collection service.

Coming soon: Curbside recycling service begins in September. Carts will be delivered in August.

Join Sustainable Dawson Creek at a Curbside Carnival at a neighbourhood park or community event near you this summer! Learn about recycling, how to sort materials, and enjoy fun activities for the whole family. Check out the schedule on Facebook.


Garbage pick-up service is weekly, on the same day of the week.

Recycling pick-up service is bi-weekly, on the same day as your garbage service.

Garbage is picked up every week

Garbage is picked up every week

Recycling is picked up every other week

Recycling is picked up every other week

Use the Waste Wizard to find your collection schedule, or download the Dawson Creek City app and get reminders about your schedule.


Homes with curbside service have one 180-litre cart with a black lid for garbage. Place this cart curbside every week for collection.


Homes with curbside service will have one 360-litre cart with a blue lid for recycling. Place this cart curbside every other week for collection.

Empty and rinse containers, flatten boxes, and place in your cart. Do not place items in bags.

Flatten Materials Rinse Containers
Recyclables need to be rinsed and flattened. That’s it! Just toss them in your recycling cart and place your cart curbside every other week for collection.

What goes in?

✅︎ Paper, cardboard, tin, aluminum, hard plastic containers (recycling symbol 1 to 7).

Not sure? Use the Waste Wizard app to help you sort items.

What stays out?

❌ Soft plastic bags (grocery bags, zip-loc bags, etc.), glass, styrofoam, foil-lined bags, “biodegradable” bags, chip bags, plastic straws, plastic utensils, yard waste, pet waste, diapers, food scraps.

See the Peace River Regional District recycling sorting guide for a complete guide of what goes where.

Recycling Drop-off

Do you have items not accepted in your recycling cart? Too much stuff for one pick up? Take items to the Recycling Depot for proper recycling and disposal:

Depot and bottle drop-off:

D.C. Campbell Recycling
925 – 100 Avenue, Dawson Creek
Mon – Sat, 9:00am – 5:30pm

Recycling carts and bins (open air):

Dawson Creek Transfer Station
829 – Highway 49, Dawson Creek
Wed – Sun, 9:00am – 5:45pm

No Frills Foods
1401 – Alaska Avenue, Dawson Creek

600 – Highway 2, Dawson Creek

Yard Waste

Grass clippings and leaves (but no food scraps or branches) can be brought to the City yard waste collection site at 941/949 – 99 Avenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

The new curbside recycling program starts in September 2018 with curbside recycling carts being delivered in August.

Do I have to wash my plastic and tins/aluminum, and remove the labels?

Yes, just a quick wash/rinse will do and toss them in the cart. It’s okay if the container is still wet. No need to remove the labels as the paper is removed as part of the recycling process. REMEMBER – NO food left on or in the containers!

How do I know what to put in the curbside recycling cart?

Your curbside recycling cart is for paper, cardboard, tin, aluminum and recyclable plastic containers (#1-7) only. No glass, Styrofoam or soft plastic!  Watch for the sticker showing what can be collected curbside when you receive your cart, use the Waste Wizard at or download the Dawson Creek City app

Why can’t glass, Styrofoam and soft plastics go in the curbside recycling cart?

Glass can break and becomes a safety issue for workers. It also contaminates the recycling process, reducing the resale value of the paper and cardboard. Styrofoam breaks down in the collection process and becomes difficult to sort out during processing. Soft plastic, like plastic bags or shrink-wrap jams the processing equipment and gets tangled in the machinery. You can take these items to a recycling drop-off location.

How much does curbside recycling cost?

The cost for curbside recycling will be $6.86 per month. It will appear on your utility bill.

What if my recycling cart is too full?

You must be able to close the lid on your cart. If it is too full, your cart won’t be collected. The automated truck’s mechanical arm must be able to grab carts without material falling out.

If you have too much material to fit in your cart, take excess items to a recycling drop-off depot. If you regularly have a lot of recycling, you can purchase an additional cart by contacting the City at 250-784-3600. Each additional cart is $6.86 per month plus the cost of the cart.

What size of recycling cart will I receive?

Existing curbside customers will receive a 360-litre recycling cart. Carts will be delivered in August.

Where should I put my recycling cart to be collected?

Place you recycling cart near your garbage cart curbside on your scheduled collection day. Leave at least one metre on all sides and between carts so the mechanical arm can grab it.

When is curbside recycling day?

Garbage pickup is weekly and curbside recycling will be every second week. Your day of the week for both will be the same. 

Sign up for handy reminders at or download the Dawson Creek City app.

I live in a townhouse/apartment and don’t currently receive curbside garbage pickup. How do I get a curbside recycling cart?

This curbside recycling service is only available to properties currently receiving curbside garbage pickup. Ask your building or property management company about recycling services.

I live in a strata, mobile home park, or gated community. How do I get a curbside recycling cart?

Strata properties and mobile home parks are unique and may be eligible for collection. If you live in one of these properties and would like more information call the City at 250-784-3600.

I rent. Will I have to pay for curbside recycling?

The cost of curbside recycling services is added to the utility bill for each household. It is between you and your landlord as to whether those costs are passed on to you.

Where do I take items that don’t go in my curbside recycling cart?

Check out the Waste Wizard above, or use the Dawson Creek City app to help you find where different materials can go for proper recycling or disposal. Most household recycling can be taken to our local recycling depot.

Can I use the recycling cart for garbage?

No, the recycling cart must only be used for recycling. If your recycling cart contains contamination (garbage, diapers, pet and yard waste, non-curbside recyclables) it will not be picked up.

What happens to my recycling cart if I move?

Your recycling cart has been assigned to the property, so it stays with the home.

What do I do with yard waste?

Yard waste materials such as grass clippings and leaves can be taken to the city yard waste collection site at 941/949 – 99 Avenue, Dawson Creek. Empty the contents of any bags and use the garbage cart for bags or other waste. REMEMBER: No food scraps or branches.

Can I opt out of the recycling program?

Commercial, industrial or institutional property owners that use private, commercial waste collection service may opt out from the program. Multifamily properties (over 5 units) may also opt out as these properties may choose a private collection service. Note that the entire property or strata must choose to opt out, not individual units.

Where does my recycling go?

Recycling is sorted by DC Recycling to ensure there is no contamination (food waste, unrinsed containers, food stained packaging) in the load and then is sent out for processing.

After sorting, recycled material goes to a variety of locations to be remade into other materials. This is why it is important to keep your recycling clean and free from contamination.