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Residential Waste Pick Up Schedule

The only days that garbage pick up does not happen is Christmas Day and New Year’s Day (December 25 & January 1 of each year).  If these are your regular scheduled days we will post the alternate garbage pick up day below.

Type your home address and sign up for collection reminders:

For further information, please contact our Utility Department at 250.784.3610 or email. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Curbside Waste Containers


The residential waste collection service to a fully automated system which reduces environmental impacts, improves neighbourhood appearance and continues to provide quality pickup service, as our city grows.

Cart Placement Guidelines:

  • The new service requires that carts are placed on the street, next to the curb, 3 feet from other carts, parked cars and other obstructions, with handles facing the house. The lids must be closed.
  • Untie any ropes or tie-downs you may have used to secure the lid before collection day.
  • Do not place concrete, dirt, rock, hot ashes, coals or other flammable materials such as solvents, oil, gas or paint in the container. Do not place household hazard waste in carts.
  • All material must fit inside the container. Drivers are not responsible for the cleanup of spillage that is a result of overfilled carts or garbage not being bagged.
  • If your container is not serviceable for some reason or is too full to service, the driver will leave a hanging tag on your container explaining the reason.
  • Trucks will not return to collect containers that are placed out late, blocked, too close to obstructions or contain unauthorized material.

Need an additional Cart?

If one cart is not sufficient enough for your household, you may purchase an additional cart for a one-time fee of $86.25, and an additional bi-monthly fee of $24.00.

Should you require a second garbage cart, or any additional information on the service, please contact the Utilities Department at 250.784.3610.