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Water Conservation Bylaws

Providing clean water to you and your neighbours is one of the City’s biggest expenses. Daily water use within the City often doubles during summer months, due to outdoor use.

The City’s 4-Stage water conservation bylaw conserves water by designating water days and times for residents, as well as accommodating dry periods and drought like conditions.

Stage 1 Water Conservation begins May 1st of each year through September 30th. Stages 2-4 are implemented as required. For more information on the Water Conservation Bylaws visit the Bylaw Page.


What charges are on my utility bill?

Water rates are determined by the size of your meter. See the below chart or water and sewer rates:

Water Rates

Service Type

Rates per m3





Outside the City


Bulk (Non Domestic Use)


Raw Water



Fixed Rates (Bi-monthly Charges)

Meter Size

Sewer Fixed Rate*

Water Fixed Rate
















*Sewer rate is 60% of water charge

Garbage fixed rates = $3 week / $24 bi-monthly


Calculate Your Utility Bill! 

View the Utility Bill Calculator

How do I convert my utility bill? 

All water is billed based on cubic meter 

To convert: 

Cubic meters to gallons – multiply by 220 
Gallons to cubic meters – multiply by .004546 
1 cubic meter = 1,000 Liters 

I’ve purchased a new home, or I’m moving? 
The utility account stays with the address of the property. The Statement of Adjustments you received from your lawyer or notary during the purchase or sale of your home shows the adjustment made to your utility account. Please contact your lawyer if you have any questions about your statement of adjustments. 

I’ve moved or will be moving and need to change my mailing address for my utility bill? If your mailing address is changing, please contact our utility department at (250) 784-3610 or by email at 

For further information on your utility account please contact our utility department at: 

(250) 784-3610 or by email: