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Waste Water Treatment

Dawson Creek has over 80 km of sanitary sewer collection piping ranging from 8″ to 30″ in diameter.  There are over 1,000 manholes for access to these lines.

There are nearly 3,600 residential and 600 commercial connections to the sanitary sewer collection system.

The waste collection system is primarily a gravity system; however, there are several small lift stations throughout the City and one large lift station prior to the treatment system.

There is also a vactor truck dumping station where domestic waste water is hauled in from rural areas for disposal and treatment.

Waste water treatment in Dawson Creek consists of:

  • Two anerobic ponds (An environment containing little or no oxygen with organisms requiring an environment without oxygen.)
  • Two aerobic ponds (An environment containing oxygen with organisms requiring an environment with oxygen.)
  • One large polishing pond (wetland).

The oxygen for the aerated ponds is provided by two 100 HP blowers and delivered through 10 miles of air lines woven through the aerated cells.

Waste water treatment is essentially a natural process where organisms, naturally present in the environment, break down the waste by using it as a food source. The process is enhanced by the addition of oxygen in the second stage of treatment so that a more concentrated population of these organisms can survive together. 

The effluent is metered and then regularly sampled. The results of the sampling are sent to the Ministry of Environment to ensure that the quality meets the requirements of our permit.

In addition to the sanitary sewer system, there is a separate large storm water collection system consisting of over 35 km of pipe ranging from 12″ to 48″ in diameter. For access to these lines, there are over 450 manholes and over 1,100 catch basins.

The City of Dawson Creek Waste Water Treatment System treats an average of 5.5 million litres per day.