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Community Enhancement & Beautification

The City of Dawson Creek has a number of beautification and community enhancement projects for the downtown core and the major arterial highways into the City. Overall expenditures on parks, beautification, recreational facilities maintenance or enhancement, are upwards of $700,000 annually. A number of volunteer groups (Beautification Committee, Horticultural Society, Gardens North) support the City’s efforts.

Adoption Program Application

Questions? Please contact Melanie at 250.784.3664

Adopt-A-Park, Trail or Walkway

A partnership program between the City and volunteers, the Adopt-A-Park Program encourages participants to contribute to the maintenance and care of Dawson Creek’s parks, trails and walkways.  Possibilities include:

  • Litter control
  • Mowing grass areas
  • Watering gardens, trees
  • Edging grass and garden areas
  • Weed control
  • Pruning
  • Reporting vandalism and repair needs to the City
  • Park Patrol
  • Illegal dumping removal

The possibilities of Adopt-A-Park are unlimited, graffiti removal and elements of other adoptive programs can be combined with the Adopt-A-Park Program to enhance and maintain our park and trail legacy for the future.  The city will help you choose a park, or trail and provide garbage bags for each clean up, pick up collected litter, and erect signage recognizing your efforts.  Contact the City of Dawson Creek to find out how you can be involved!

Adopt-A-Tree Program

Under this program, adoptive groups would agree to undertake tree-planting activities within clearly defined guidelines established by the City.  The City would have close involvement with this program by:

  • Identifying locations for tree planting activities.
  • Developing a species tree planting program including the species and specific areas appropriate for planting.
  • Providing plant materials, equipment and assist with the planting to ensure overall success of the tree planting.

An adopted tree not only beautifies public spaces; trees improve environment and air quality and enhance property values.  You can provide a living and long lasting legacy of a family member, friend, birthday, graduation, promotion, wedding, anniversary, retirement or even the death of a loved one.  An adopted tree can be planted for any significant location.  You will receive a certificate of recognition for your adopted tree identifying the location, date of planting, and tree species.

Adopt an Environmentally Sensitive Area (Creek Side)

By being involved in the preservation and maintenance of environmentally sensitive areas, the community will be helping to save our unique waterfront and bring positive results to an already fragile ecosystem.  If the community becomes involved in the maintenance and care of these areas, we can preserve and enhance the global treasure in our backyard.

Individuals, groups, schools and environmental groups are encouraged to work hand-in-hand with the City to adopt an environmentally sensitive area.  Liaison with Federal and Provincial agencies may be required for some projects.  Examples of adoption may include:

  • Litter control
  • Select and target a specific area for clean up and restoration
  • Educational programming
  • Development of interpretative signage and or classroom materials
  • Bird box installation

Private organizations are also encouraged and challenged to participate in this program.  By participation as Community Partners business and industry can involve the community in clean up and maintenance projects to preserve Dawson Creek’s environmentally sensitive areas.  The City will offer technical guidance and provide required equipment for adoption on this category.

Adopt-A-Street Program

The Adopt-A-Street Program in the City of Dawson Creek recognizes the desire of Dawson Creek residents to have roadside areas free of litter and trash.  The Adopt-A-Street Program is a means to involve the community as volunteers in an effort to keep Dawson Creek streets clean.  Through Community Partners the community can contribute to the overall livability and beautification of the City.  Possible locations for Adopt-A-Street initiatives include:

  • Roads
  • Right-of-ways
  • Boulevards
  • Streets
  • Storefront sidewalks

Individuals, community groups, business owners, schools, churches, strata councils and anyone who expresses interest in adopting a street in the City of Dawson Creek are encouraged to participate.  Because of traffic safety concerns, some street adoptions may be limited.  Persons adopting a given area for a minimum period of one year shall receive signs erected by the City of Dawson Creek at either end of the adopted area recognizing the individual or groups overall contribution to the Community Partners Program.  The signs would remain in place for the duration of the adoption period. Other components of the program include:

  • Challenges to other groups, schools, businesses and or neighbours to see who can keep the cleanest street!
  • Provisions of sponsored garbage bags and litter collection equipment for scheduled clean-ups.
  • Volunteer training and safety information.
  • Traffic Safety vests for all volunteers on scheduled clean-ups.
  • Certificates of participation for participants.
  • Coordinated garbage collection pick-up will be provided to all groups on clean-up days.
  • Storefront Partners for Beautification stickers recognizing responsible businesses who are committed to keeping their parking lots and store front property clean and appealing for all Dawson Creek residents to enjoy.

Applications for the Adopt-A-Street Program will be reviewed by the City of Dawson Creek.  Minimum terms for adoption include

  • 1km of City Streets
  • Business parking lots and sidewalk areas


The Adopt-A-Garden Program in the City of Dawson Creek is an opportunity for the community to become involved in the maintenance and creation of existing and new garden areas in Dawson Creek’s open spaces and community parks.  The garden planting program would include:

  • Outlying Areas
  • Parks
  • Roads and Streets
  • Boulevards
  • Vacant City Owned Lots and Civic Properties

The Partners for Beautification program will support schools, strata councils, individuals, businesses and groups who are interested in adopting a garden in the City of Dawson Creek.  Possibilities for garden adoption include:

  • Maintenance, general clean-up and beautification of existing gardens on public lands
  • Weed control
  • Wildflower planting
  • Annual and perennial planting and donation
  • Species specific planting
  • Enhancement and landscaping of existing garden areas
  • Development of a central community garden
  • Bus stop areas
  • Development of culturally significant gardens

This is only a partial list of the possibilities for the Communities Partners Adopt-A-Garden Program.  Participants in the program will be rewarded with signage recognizing the volunteer commitment to maintain and or create a garden area.  All participants will receive certificates of recognition from the City of Dawson Creek.  The City would prepare the areas for the participants, i.e. rototil before planting begins.  All participants in the Adopt-A-Garden Program will be encouraged and assisted with the development of a regular maintenance and annual planting plan to ensure the success and appropriateness of the adopted garden area.  Litter removal will also be a requirement of the Adopt-A-Garden Program.

Sponsorship Through Donations Program

As Community Partners for the City of Dawson Creek, individuals, groups, foundations, associations, service clubs, schools, businesses and corporations have an opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the community of Dawson Creek.  The “Sponsorship Through Donations Program” allows the opportunity for private, corporate and community groups to participate in adoption programs in several ways:

  • Sponsorship or donation of any of the “adoptable” features of the Community Partners Program.  Examples include construction of trails, new park development, trail signage.
  • Sponsorship of clean-up equipment for the community to use in park, street or other adoption activities.
  • Overall sponsorship of the Community Partners Program.
  • Donation of Park benches, street furniture or playground equipment.
  • Providing funds for volunteers’ recognition/gifts for volunteers.
  • Providing services “in kind” for the development of park areas, trails, or landscaping.
  • Donation of plant materials/trees for use in adoption programs.
  • Offering promotions, coupons or incentives encouraging the community of Dawson Creek to participate in the Community Partners Program.

Several other opportunities exist for sponsorship including specific sponsorship of:

  • Memorial or recognition benches for public enjoyment.
  • Sponsorship of individual adoption categories including signage, volunteer clean-up equipment and related materials.

Adoption through sponsorship can be an effective marketing tool for your organization to receive exposure in the community.  Responsible businesses and organizations are encouraged to participate in the Community Partners Program.  Charitable tax receipts will be issued for significant donations.