RFP 2015-03 Noxious Weed Control

Tender awarded to MGP Contracting for $43.00/hr. Thank you to those who submitted a bid.

The City of Dawson Creek is requesting Proposals for the supply and application of Noxious Weed Control on City owned and leased properties. The successful applicant will be expected to adhere to all local, provincial and federal legislation pertaining to vegetation control and will be responsible for providing any required documentation identified in the RFP or requested by a regulatory body. 

This is a Request for Proposals only.  By requesting proposals, the City does not intend to enter into, and shall not be considered to have entered into, contractual relations upon the submission of a proposal by any person and no contract  shall be formed between the City and any supplier upon the submission of a proposal.  Without limiting the foregoing, the City shall not be obligated in any manner whatsoever to any supplier until a written agreement for the performance of the work herein contemplated has been duly executed.

Please direct questions regarding specifications to David Siemens, Parks, at 250-784-3639 or dsiemens@dawsoncreek.

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of experience, qualifications, references, and completeness of proposals, price, and other factors as determined by the City of Dawson Creek.

Proposals will be accepted up to 2:00 p.m. (local time) Friday, February 27, 2015.  Proposals must include the bid form and must be sealed in an opaque envelope, clearly marked with the name and the project name/number and will be received by Brenda Ginter, Director of Corporate Administration, 10105 – 12A Street, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3V7.


The City of Dawson Creek is requesting proposals for Noxious Weed Control within the City of Dawson Creek boundaries. In areas where a special use permit is required but cannot be obtained for reasons of time restraints, a hand pull and removal must be done. The contract will be for a three (3) year term, commencing spring 2015.

Scope of Work:

The successful bidder will be responsible for
• Monitoring, identifying, treating and evaluating noxious weeds located on City owned and leased property, as per the British Columbia Weed Control Act.
• Selection and appropriate application of chemical to treat noxious weeds. Application of chemicals must be in compliance with the Integrated Pest Management Act (IPMA).
• Appropriate signage as per the IPMA.
• GPS mapping the areas that have been treated, with a hardcopy provided to the owner’s representative monthly.
• Working with the City representative to develop an application schedule that will ensure treatment in the appropriate stage of the weed cycle.
• Providing records of the amount of chemical applied per site monthly, documentation can be attached to the map hardcopy.
• Responding to complaint driven work requests within a reasonable time period.
• Hand pulling weeds in areas where spraying is prohibited as per the IPMA. Weeds are to be disposed of as per best practice guidelines.
• Protecting non-target species through the use of driftless spray equipment.
• Ensuring all employees applying pesticides are certified as per the IPMA.


In order to qualify for this contract the successful bidder must provide upon award and maintain throughout the term:
• City of Dawson Creek Business License
• Pesticide Use permit
• British Columbia Industrial Vegetation Management and Noxious Weed Certificate
• Service Pesticide Use License
• Proof of good standing with WorkSafe BC
• $5 million liability insurance naming the City additionally insured.