MEDIA RELEASE – Recycle It Right


November 7, 2018

Recycle It Right: The City of Dawson Creek is looking to residents to reduce contamination of curbside recycling

DAWSON CREEK, BC –­ The City of Dawson Creek, together with Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT), will be conducting curbside recycle cart audits beginning next week (week of November 12) to help residents Recycle it Right by educating people about proper sorting.

Overall City of Dawson Creek residents have been doing a great job of recycling since the curbside collection program started in September. However recently there’s been an increase in contamination – the wrong materials being placed in the blue-lidded recycling cart. In some instances, this has included cat litter, diapers, construction waste and household garbage.

Recycling carts contents are delivered to DC Recycling where they are sorted and baled for resale. Garbage, food waste and other contaminants in your recycling cart can turn your recycling into garbage. It also reduces the resale value of the recyclable materials, increases the cost to process it and can pose unsafe working conditions.

NEAT representatives will check curbside carts for possible contaminants and leave information for residents on correct sorting and acceptable materials where needed. If the recycling cart is highly contaminated the entire cart will be left behind and the resident will be asked to re-sort their waste.


Your recycling cart contents are trucked to DC Recycling where local workers pull out contaminated material – like garbage and food waste – by hand. Recently, we’ve been finding large amounts of contaminants. Plastic bags are a culprit as the filmy plastic can get tangled in conveyor belts and machinery. A bigger problem, however, is material such as diapers, cat litter, and, in one case last recycling collection week, a large number of loose screws that caused considerable havoc with sorting machinery.

Residents are reminded that garbage goes in the garbage cart. If you have excess garbage you have options including saving extra garbage for the next collection week, getting an additional garbage cart, or taking garbage to the transfer station.


You have a number of ways to find out what goes where:

For more information on the program, contact the City of Dawson Creek at 250-784-3600 or


City of Dawson Creek: Tabatha Young, City of Dawson Creek, 250-784-3636

NEAT: Karen Mason-Bennett, Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT), 250-785-6328


Photo taken of large quantity of loose screws and nails:
Loose screws and nails had to be removed from the conveyor at DC Recycling by hand. Unwanted screws and nails can be taken to DC Recycling and dropped in the scrap metal area for recycling. Never put items such as this in your recycling cart.


Photo showing sawdust with recyclables:
Sawdust is not recyclable and should be placed in your garbage cart. In this case, the sawdust meant the recycling sorting had to halt and the sawdust removed by hand.

Photo showing garbage with recyclables
Garbage mixed in with recyclables makes sorting difficult. Garbage and food waste goes in the garbage cart, not the recycling cart.