Planning & Development News: A New Stream of Information

In order to improve the City’s communication efforts through the website, a new category of news has been added to our website subscription list: Planning & Development News. If you are already receiving emails from this category it is because you previously subscribed to hear news about the 2030 Official Community Plan (OCP). If you would like to unsubscribe, please find the link at the bottom of your email and click “preferences” where you can change which news categories you subscribe to, or “unsubscribe” to stop receiving emails from the City of Dawson Creek entirely.

The Planning & Development News category will be used to post changes and updates to land use planning, upcoming development events such as the Good Neighbour Workshop that was hosted in January and any other news pertaining to Planning & Development occurring within the city.

Thank you for your interest in keeping up with the City News. We look forward to serving you better through this new and improved forum.