2021 Strategic Priorities of Council


For Immediate Release: March 8, 2021 

2021 Strategic Priorities of Council 

It is the intent of the City of Dawson Creek Council to continue moving towards new models of funding within the 2021 Budget, which will assist the City in creating a strong financial future. Bringing forward strategic priorities from 2020, the City of Dawson Creek Council will continue working towards a well-balanced budget, while considering new opportunities for funding and efficiencies.In an effort to continue striving to meet the goal outlined above, Council has identified the following four key priorities for additional staff research and Council consideration as part of the 2021 budget:

Carry Forward Strategic Priorities from 2020

  1. Peace River Agreement (PRA)
    • Work towards the goal of moving the Peace River Agreement (PRA) funding from its current use in the Operations of the City of Dawson Creek back into the Capital program. As Council moves forward, it is the aspiration that a minimum of 70% of the PRA revenue received be used for Capital investment, with the remaining portion used for Operations, including debt servicing. The goal is to achieve this by 2030.
  1. Sub-Regional Recreation and Cultural Services Funding
    • Work with the Peace River Regional District to identify opportunities for increased Sub-Regional Recreation and Cultural Services Funding through a new conversion bylaw. The goal is to complete this work in 2021 and have it in place for the 2022 budget year.
  1. Tourism
    • Explore opportunities for a new tourism funding and delivery model.

 New Strategic Priorities for 2021

  1. Regional Airport Authority
    • Explore possibilities of changing existing operations into a regional-based model.