Council Approves Public Notice Page on City Website

On June 13, 2022, Council adopted Public Notice Bylaw No. 4521, 2022. This new bylaw allows the City to use alternative methods of providing Public Notice, including posting on the City’s website and social media.

Before this bylaw, all local governments across BC were required to publish all Public Notices (i.e. ads) in their local newspaper. This requirement has often resulted in delays because the timelines of newspaper publications did not align with Council meetings. In addition, in today’s changing world, many people access information online to stay informed in a more timely way.

Prior to drafting the Public Notice bylaw, the City held a public survey to ensure that the City fully considered the important principles of public notice. These principles include Reliability (the method is dependable and trustworthy), Suitability (the method works for the purpose of the notice), and Accessibility (the method is easy to access and has a broad reach). Council is confident that these newly adopted methods promote open and transparent governance and public engagement.

Section 3.1 of the Bylaw states that when the City wishes to give notice to the public or is required by legislation to give Public Notice, the notice will be provided as follows:

(a) By posting to the Public Notice Page on the City’s Website for the required time period prescribed by statute or regulation (this is the primary method of notice); and

(b) By posting the Public Notice in one issue of the local Newspaper; and

(c) By posting the Public Notice on the City’s Social Media and providing a link to the City’s Public Notice Page on the Website; and

(d) By posting a copy of the public notice on the Public Notice Posting Place, which is in main lobby area at City Hall.

The City believes this new method of providing Public Notices will improve approval timelines, reduce advertising costs and enhance overall engagement within the community.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Public Notices, please call Administration at (250)784-3636 or email