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Dawson Creek is located in the Boreal Plains Eco-Zone. It is part of the flat Interior Plains of Canada, a northern extension of the Great Plains of North America. The subdued relief consists of low-lying valleys and plains stretching across the mid portions of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and continuing through almost two thirds of Alberta, including the South Peace. The majority of the surface waters are part of three watersheds: those of the Saskatchewan River, the Beaver River, and Peace, Athabasca, and Slave rivers’ watershed.

The eco-zone has traditionally been viewed by some as the next untapped resource frontier. 

The Peace Lowland eco-region is characterized by a unique climate, marked by warmer summers than the surrounding areas. The mean annual temperature is 0.5°C. The mean summer temperature is 15°C and the mean winter temperature is -14°C. The mean annual precipitation ranges from 350–600 mm.

Hours of Bright Sunshine Per Month (30 Year Average)
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Hrs 75.9 112.9 168 235.5 280 296 310 273.5 170 144.5 85 62


Average Temperatures
  High Low
January -7.2 -19.0
February -3.9 -16.5
March 0.9 -10.9
April 10 -3.1
May 16.4 2.1
June 20.1 6.9
July 22.2 8.9
August 21.5 7.2
September 16.2 3.3
October 9.0 -2.4
November -1.5 -12.2
December -5.3 -16.8