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Visit the stone cairn that marks the actual beginning of the Alaska Highway.  Stop at the Northern Alberta Railways Park where you’ll find the historic Railway Station Museum and Visitor Centre.  The museum, housed in the original 1931 railway station, features an extensive collection of highway memorabilia, pioneer artifacts and wildlife displays. Also in the Park is the Art Gallery, located in a renovated grain elevator.

Other community attractions include the Walter Wright Pioneer Village where you will be transported back to Dawson Creek’s frontier past.  Go on your own for a downtown stroll with our self-guided historic walking tour and stop in at the Alaska Highway House located next to the Mile Zero Post, a popular place to have your picture taken.

Dawson Creek has many core attractions to entice visitors to the area.  The area surrounding Dawson Creek contains some exceptional scenery and is home to a variety of wildlife.

Outdoor enthusiasts have a choice of adventure sports, ecotourism and backcountry experiences to enjoy.  Opportunities are present for agri-tourism, circle tours, backcountry lodges and expansion of skiing, boating and other activities.

In a survey of travelers to Northeast BC, visitors were motivated to take this journey by the idea of seeing wildlife and wild landscapes, visiting places they had never been before and/or taking a journey they had heard about and always wanted to take.  At least 60% of travelers said these three motivations were very important in their decision to take their trip to the North.  Opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities or travel in places where they felt safe were also important motivators.

Dawson Creek is also home to the “Greatest Show in the Peace” – the annual Dawson Creek Fall Fair, Rodeo and Exhibition. The attractions include World Professional Chuckwagon Racing, Western Chuckwagon Racing and the Wrangler Canadian Pro Tour Rodeo. Dawson Creek is the only city in BC to offer professional chuckwagon racing every year!

In 2016, 16,470 visitors stopped in at the Dawson Creek Visitor Information Centre located in the historic Railway Station Museum.

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Mile 0 Alaska Highway

Dawson Creek’s historic location at Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway and the hub of four major driving routes provides economic benefits for our city from the approximate 146,000 travellers that stay here and contribute close to $55 million to our local economy each year. Money is spent in local businesses on transportation, accommodation, fuel, groceries, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, attractions and various other goods and services.

Our Visitors – Who They Are

Results of a Visitor Research Project in Dawson Creek carried out jointly by Tourism Dawson Creek and Tourism BC show that 49% of people who travel to Dawson Creek are Canadian and out of this, 70% are from British Columbia or Alberta. At 45% of total visitors, the next largest group visiting the city is from the United States of America.

For both Canadian and American visitors, 53% were over the age of 55, 61% of whom had completed a college diploma or university degree and 83% listed leisure as the purpose of their trip. 50% of these leisure visitors were noted to be in self-contained vehicles (RVs, 5th wheels) and stay in RV parks and campgrounds, while 46% come in vehicles and use motels and hotels. Of note are also the 5% business travelers and the 10% who are visiting friends and family. 90% of Americans that visit Dawson Creek are traveling to Alaska leaving most of the 10% of travelers to be Alaskans going south.

Tourism Dawson Creek Vision Statement

That Tourism Dawson Creek (TDC) be recognized as a provincial leader and innovator in destination development and marketing while leading the city towards sustainable economic growth and development utilizing the tourism industry.

To succeed at this, TDC facilitates and coordinates the development and promotion of tourism within the City of Dawson Creek for the benefit of the community by creating year – round, memorable visitor experiences through effective management and planning, information management and research, communications, destination development, product development, business and industry development, marketing, and visitor services.

Tourism Dawson Creek is operated by Spectra Venue Management who also operate the Encana Events Centre.

Traveler Origin

BC and Alberta account for 70% of Canadian visitors to Dawson Creek.

Canada 49%

BC 20%
Alberta 14%
Ontario 7%
Other Canada 7%
Yukon 2%

United States 45%

Alaska 10%
Pacific 8%
Mid-West 9%
South 10%
New England 3%

Overseas 6%

Europe 5%
Asia Pacific 1%
Other <1%