1. Current status of cannabis laws:

As of Oct 17th non-medical cannabis retail sales will be legal in Canada, City Council has chosen to allow cannabis retail in City limits. After October 22nd the retail sale of cannabis will be allowed in the city, pending the removal of cannabis retail sale prohibition. Below are some Q&A on non-medical retail licences:

How do I apply for a cannabis retail licence?

The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) is now accepting applications for the private non-medical cannabis retail store licence.

Applicants must apply through the cannabis licensing application portal.

The portal also contains application guidelines and an interactive tool to help potential applicants understand what they need to do to apply for a licence.

Once the application is approved by the LCRB it will be sent to City Council for an endorsement, at this point Council will decide if they support the licence.

Further Q&A on non-medical cannabis retails sales:

BC Liquor Distribution Branch: Cannabis Retailers

Where are cannabis retail stores allowed in the City of Dawson Creek?

In C-2, C3 and C-4 zones, provided that the Council or its delegate has recommended the issuance of a provincial retail cannabis sales license for the premises under the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act (British Columbia) and that no part of the premises used for the display or sale of cannabis is located within 150 m of (see map below):

  • Any park as defined in Parks Bylaw No. 4371, 2018;
  • Any playing field;
  • Any parcel on which a school or college is located;
  • Any other premises used for the display or sale of cannabis. 

Approved cannabis retail locations in Dawson Creek:

Name Address
Clarity Cannabis 3-1040 Alaska Ave
Flora Cannabis 1101A 103 Ave
Northern Cannabis 10112 10 Street
Dawson Creek Cannabis Company 19-11000 8 Street
Marlee’s Den 3-11612 8 Street
Alaska Highway Cannabis Distributors 10300 8 Street

How much does it cost for a business licence?

Cannabis Production

$ 625.00

Cannabis Sale

$ 625.00

Plus a $700 fee for processing the retail application.

I would like to commercially cultivate cannabis in the City:

  • The commercial cultivation of cannabis in the Agricultural Land Reserve as a designated farm use under s. 2(2.5) of the Agricultural Land Reserve Use, Subdivision and Procedure Regulation, provided that no cannabis plant is grown indoors or outdoors within 60 m of any zone in which any permitted principal use is residential.

  • The indoor commercial cultivation of cannabis outside the Agricultural Land Reserve in an A-1, M-2 or M-3 zone.

  • No cannabis plant is grown within 60 m of any zone in which any permitted principal use is residential.

How to become a Licensed Producer of cannabis for Medical Purposes:

Application Process: Becoming a Licensed Producer of Cannabis for Medical Purposes

How many plants for personal consumption can I grow?  

You are allowed four plants per household; these plants must not be visible from the property line.

2. Steps the City of Dawson Creek has taken:

Cannabis Survey Results 

Our goal at the City was to reach out to the community regarding the development of municipal cannabis regulations. Here is what you had to say:

Cannabis Survey Results

Reports on Cannabis:

Key Documents:

Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis: