City Hall


Dawson Creek will be a visionary community that works together for innovative social, cultural, economic and environmental vitality.


The Corporate Mission of the City of Dawson Creek is to provide excellence in service and leadership that promotes a dynamic community within a healthy environment for all generations.



We will have a reputation for acting with integrity and will earn the trust of our stakeholders by:

  • Keeping promises.
  • Pledging to align our actions with the guiding principles that support our vision.
  • Modeling competence and anchoring behaviour on enduring values.
  • Communicating with care and respect.
  • Working to develop positive relationships.
  • Sharing information in timely and comprehensive ways.


We will create an invitational climate by:

  • Ensuring all individuals have equal access to services and opportunities for success.
  • Seeking ways to reflect and celebrate the diversity of our community and ensuring physical accessibility.
  • Engaging people in issues that directly affect them.
  • Maintaining and strengthening our links to the First Nations, Aboriginal and Metis populations.
  • Making literacy concerns a core component of communication strategies.


We will strengthen the community’s economic vitality by:

  • Establishing a climate that encourages responsible economic development.
  • Honouring small and big business partnerships and contributions.
  • Focusing on and promoting the opportunities for economic development that are inherent in our community and region.
  • Encouraging projects that serve the local community and enhance regional self sufficiency in areas such as power, general supply, and food.


We will foster a culture of creativity, innovation, and learning by:

  • Encouraging cooperative and collaborative thinking.
  • Employing open dialogue and wide input into decision making and planning.
  • Supporting risk taking and challenging conventional practices.
  • Including learning opportunities in all actions.


We will optimize opportunities for healthy living by:

  • Developing an environment free from undue risk.
  • Providing opportunities to enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Enhancing the cleanliness and aesthetic appearance of our community.
  • Promoting physical activity.


We will demonstrate respect for the future of the earth by:

  • Fostering recycling, reuse and reduced consumption.
  • Promoting, demonstrating and using renewable energy.
  • Advocating for the preservation of clean air, clean water and healthy land.


We will nurture engagement in a collective sense of belonging and contribution by:

  • Celebrating arts, heritage and culture.
  • Creating recreational opportunities.
  • Providing opportunities for life-long learning.
  • Optimizing transportation and movement around the city.
  • Working to reduce crime rates and opportunities for crime in our community.


We will strive to make decisions that reflect the needs and desires of our community by:

  • Providing opportunities for engaged, active citizens to help create and participate in developing solutions for pressing issues.
  • Encouraging a wide range of agencies and citizens to take a meaningful role in decision-making.


We will achieve excellence in all our endeavours by:

  • Incorporating principles of excellence in all our actions.
  • Developing shared goals to serve the long term interests of the community.
  • Establishing appropriate measures of success and being accountable for the level of achievement of shared goals.

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