Community Grants-In-Aid

A $12,500 budget is currently available for supporting community requests for support. This funding is subject to annual budget approval by City Council. Funding and requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

The purpose of the Grant Policy is to:

  • guide decision-making by Council
  • provide a consistent application process for all applicants
  • ensure project deliverables from city-supported grants are fulfilled

Grant support requests:

  • Financial support
  • Rental facility discount
  • In-kind support

Financial documents required:

  • Project/event budget
  • Organization/group/event financial statements from most recent fiscal year end.
  • In-kind support and other donations or grants provided by other funding bodies for the event/project.

For applications to be considered, they must be submitted to the Finance department a minimum of two months prior to the event start date. 



Application Form – Printable

Application Form – Fillable

Reporting Form – Printable

Reporting Form – Fillable


There are two types of grant options: Community and Event Tourism 

Grant requests for events that intend to attract visitors from outside of Dawson Creek, ideally for an overnight stay, are considered as Event Tourism Grants and will be referred to Tourism Dawson Creek to review and provide a recommendation for Council consideration if any funding is warranted based on the Event Tourism Strategy.

Grant requests that fall outside of the definition for Event Tourism Grants such as local fundraisers and smaller community events will be considered as Community Grants. Applicants will need to review the requirements carefully to ensure their requests meet the evaluation criteria and the eligibility criteria.


Sponsorship requests are funded from the same City budget as grants, however, they are considered outside of the Grants Policy.  Sponsorship requests are defined as funding provided by the City toward the cost of an event or project in return for advertising or promotion of the City. Requests for sponsorship must be reviewed and approved by Council during a Council Meeting.  Requests can be emailed to agenda@dawsoncreek.ca for approval and inclusion at the next available scheduled Council Meeting.