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Read This (Important Info)


Ice, Dry Floor and Meeting Room rentals are available at the Kin and Memorial Arenas. Renters are encouraged to review the City of Dawson Creek Arena User Guide

It is mandatory for anyone renting our facilities to have liability insurance. Insurance can be purchased through the City of Dawson Creek for those who do not carry their own (or don’t have adequate coverage).

How to Book a Facility
For booking inquiries, please call 250-784-3604 or email recreation@dawsoncreek.ca. Please note, the “License to Use” contract must be signed prior to facility rental. 

To view the full list of rental rates, visit our fees page. Be sure to take advantage of our “Last Minute” ice booking fee (booked within 7 days). 

Public Skate

Public skate runs Sundays and Wednesdays during the ice season.

  • Watch for additional skates during the school breaks.
  • Special “Theme” Skates running through the season. These skates include prizes and games.

Skate and helmet rentals are available (limited sizes). Skate aids also available.

To view the schedule, click here

Drop-in Hockey

16+ Drop In Hockey runs Sundays and Friday. 55+ Drop In Hockey runs Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There is space for up to 26 players and 2 goalies (2 goalies permitted to play for free). Players organize themselves into teams and play; minimum of 6 players needed to run.

To view the schedule, click here

Shinny & Skate

$2 Shinny and Skate is open to everyone. 

Ice will be divided in 2; one side for regular public skate, the other for shinny. To play shinny, a stick,
hockey gloves and a CSA approved helmet are required. Hockey sticks must stay on the shinny side of the ice, except when entering and exiting the ice surface.

To view the schedule, click here


No classes at this time. 

Financial Assistance

The Leisure Access Program allows eligible low-income Dawson Creek residents to register for classes (pool, arena, climbing wall, recreation) or access drop-in programs (Public Swim, Drop-in Climb, Public Skate, Drop-in Hockey, etc.) at numerous facilities. More information can be found here.

Refund, Transfer and Credit Policy

Refunds or Credits are given:

  • If we cancel a program or rental.
  • If you contact us to withdraw from the course no later than the minimum required cancellation notice for the class.
    • Most classes require a minimum of 7 days cancellation notice (prior to the course start date). Some classes require more notice due to a variety of reasons (such as bringing in outside instructors). Be sure to ask when registering, what the minimum cancellation notice is for your course.
  • If you contact us to cancel a rental no later than the minimum required cancellation notice for the rental.
    • Some rentals such as regular hockey practice, require a minimum of 7 days cancellation notice. If they are a major event such as a swim meet or tournament, 30 days cancellation notice is required. Be sure to ask what the minimum cancellation notice is for your rental.
  • If you provide a doctor’s note immediately (credit is effective starting the date the doctor’s note is received by the Community Services or Pool receptionist. Any missed days prior to that will not be eligible for credit. It is strongly recommended you hand in a doctors note immediately).
  • We have a waitlist and are able to resell your space in a course.

Transfers (POOL ONLY) are permitted when you contact the pool 7 days prior to the course start date, or at the recommendation of the instructor.

NOTE: Credit must be used within one year. For more details, please call 250-784-3604.

Change Rooms

Change rooms are assigned the same day of an event, program or rental. The assignment will be posted on the whiteboard when you enter the building.


Helmets with face guards are recommended for children 6 and under; a helmet is recommended for everyone. 

Food and Beverages

Food and drinks are not permitted on the ice surface.

Videos, Cameras and Recording Devices

Recording of patrons’ own group or family is permitted as long as the patron notifies staff before use. Recording devices are not permitted in the change rooms. We understand the need and respect the privacy of all our patrons.


In the event of an emergency, exit through the nearest exit and go to the muster point in the parking lot behind the 2 large hockey sticks. Arena staff will direct you from here.