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Read This (Important Info)


Videos, cameras and recording devices of any sort are permitted in the public areas of the building. Recording is permitted of patrons own group or family as long as the patron notifies staff beforehand.

We understand the need and respect the privacy of all our patrons.

Can My Child Swim Alone?

Youth who are 7 years old and under must be within arm’s reach of a responsible person 16 years of age or older, in the water at all times. The rule is a maximum of 3 youth (7 years and under) per adult. Before, during and after swim lessons, children 7 and under are NO LONGER PERMITTED in the Tot’s Pool without a parent or responsible person 16 years of age or older in the water with them and within arm’s reach.

  • Life Jackets are complimentary for our patrons – limited supply available, first come first served.
  • Have your children or grandchildren outgrown their life jackets? We can put them to good use. Drop them off at the pool reception.

Diapers vs. Little Swimmers

All youth who are not fully potty trained must wear an approved swim diaper (ie. little swimmers, re-usable water diapers). Regular diapers are not approved for use in the pool as they are designed to absorb. In the pool, regular diapers absorb water until they burst, releasing the moisture beads into the water and causing a pool closure.


Strollers are allowed on the pool deck; wheels must be clean. Please ask at reception for options on where to store your stroller while you are swimming.

Change Rooms

Change rooms are now available before and after swimming.

In recognition of our diverse community, we have now converted the family change room to a universal change room where everyone is welcome. *As a courtesy to all patrons, please do not store your items, including personal wheelchairs, in the cubicles, washrooms or shower rooms.



For health reasons, all swimmers are required to shower thoroughly before entering the pool. On-deck shower available.  


Groups of 10 or more people are required to notify us by phone of their attendance 48 hours in advance. This allows us to inform you of what is/is not available at the time you wish to come (spray features, diving boards, waterslide etc. could be closed) and to ensure adequate staff is available.


No food or drinks permitted on the pool deck or in the change rooms (non-breakable containers are permitted for water and sports drinks). Glass containers are not permitted in building.


Youth must be 42 inches tall (3ft. 6 inches) to ride the slide. Doubling up is not permitted. Rules are assigned as per the manufacturer and the BC Safety Authority. Youth who are 7 years old and under must have a parent (or responsible person 16 years of age or older) waiting at the bottom of the slide on the pool deck as they exit the slide flume.

Financial Assistance

Ask us about our Leisure Access Program for recreation and fitness classes offered at our City of Dawson Creek facilities.

Leisure Access Program – application form 

Facility Rental

To rent the Lap or Leisure Pool, all renters must develop a Safety Plan. For details on how to rent, please contact the pool during business hours at 250-782-7946. 

Climbing Wall

Haven’t tried the climbing wall yet? Come on down! We offer Belay classes and Drop In sessions.  Please note, everyone must sign a waiver and any individuals under the age of 19 must have their parent or legal guardian sign the waiver before they can climb.

Location: #2 – 300 Highway 2 (at the Kenn Borek Aquatic Centre). Call us for more information at (250) 782-7946.

To view the Climbing Wall schedule, click here

Wayne & Bev Dahlen Walking Track

Visit the Walking Track page for information. 

Refund, Transfer and Credit Policy

NOTE: Credit must be used within one year. For more details, please call the office.

A credit or refund will be issued when one or more of the following criteria is met: 

  • The City of Dawson Creek cancels a program.
  • The customer provides appropriate cancellation notice to a front desk clerk:
    • Seven (7) days cancellation notice prior to course start date is required for most courses.
    • Some courses or camps may require more than 7 day’s notice – please inquire at time of registration.
  • Customer provides a doctor’s note immediately:
    • Credit/refund is only for the remaining days of the program AND therefore can only start the day reception staff receives the note (not for any days prior).
  • There is a waitlist and staff are able to resell customer space.

A credit or refund will be issued with the customer provides appropriate Withdrawal/Cancellation notice to reception staff:

  1. Pool:
    • 7 days’ notice of cancellation is required for regular rentals such as birthday parties, seasonal practice, etc.
    • 30 day’s notice of cancellation is required for Special Events, such as Swim Meet, Triathlon, etc.


  • Transfers to a different class is permitted when the pool is notified 7 days prior to the course start date, or at the recommendation of the instructor.