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Attention Online Customers:
Due to the time zone your computer is set to, course start times may appear as Alberta local time. As an example, Alberta customers will see a course start time of 6:00pm however the course actually starts at 5:00pm in Dawson Creek. 
Please double check your booking confirmation for the actual course start time.
You can also give us a call at 250-782-7946 or 250-784-3604 before registering online to confirm.


For participation in a City fitness program, a Get Active Questionnaire needs to be filled out:
Get Active Questionnaire

If you answered YES to any of the questions on the Get Active Questionnaire under Prepare to Become More Active, go to the Reference Document and reassess your YES answers from the Get Active Questionnaire with the information Provided.
Get Active Questionnaire Reference Document

If there are still YES answers on the Get Active Questionnaire after reading the Reference Document, a Physician Clearance Form will need to be filled out by your Doctor.
Get Active Physician Clearance

A Bouncy Castle Waiver must be filled out by the Parent/Legal Guardian of a child prior to participation on a Bouncy Castle. 
Bouncy Castle Waiver