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The on-line versions of the bylaws of the City of Dawson Creek listed below are provided for information or research purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of copies of bylaws posted on this website; however, these are not official versions of City of Dawson Creek bylaws, they should not be relied upon as such and these documents are not admissible in a court of law. For such purposes, official certified copies can be obtained from our Corporate Officer at (250) 784-3614 or email bginter@dawsoncreek.ca.

Before making any decisions based on the online copies of bylaws, you should confirm all information contained therein. The City of Dawson Creek will in no event be liable or responsible for damages of any kind arising out of the use of the online copies of bylaws.

2022-2026 Financial Plan Bylaw

Alternative Municipal Tax Collection Bylaw

Animal Responsibility Bylaw

Annual Business Licence & Regulation Bylaw – Please contact the Engineering Department at 250-784-3618 for more information.

Appointment of Officers and Delegation of Authority Bylaw 

Automated Vote Counting System Authorization & Procedure Bylaw

Building Regulation Bylaw 4287 (Consolidated)

Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw

Cemetery Bylaw

Council Procedure Bylaw

Cross Connection Control Program and Process Bylaw

Development Cost Charges Bylaw  

Election and Assent Voting Bylaw

Emergency Program Bylaw

Fees and Charges Bylaw

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Warning Signs

Firearms and Weapons Bylaw

Fire Protection Bylaw (Consolidated February 2020)

Inter-Community Business Licence Bylaw – Please contact the Engineering Department at 250-784-3618 for more information.

Land Use Procedures Bylaw

Municipal Ticket Information System Bylaw

Noise Control Bylaw

Nuisance (Controlled Substance) Bylaw

Official Community Plan Bylaw

Parking Bylaw

Parks Bylaw

2022 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw

2023 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw

Property Maintenance Bylaw (Consolidated)

Public Notice Bylaw

Second-Hand Dealers Regulation Bylaw

Sewer Rates and Regulations Bylaw

Sign Regulation Bylaw

Smoking Regulation Bylaw (Consolidated)             Smoke-Free Sign #1               Smoke-Free Sign #2

Soil Regulation Bylaw

Solid Waste and Recyclable Material Regulation Bylaw

Subdivision and Servicing Bylaw (Consolidated)

Taxi-Cab and Rental Vehicle Bylaw

Tax Rates Bylaw

Tow Truck Parking Bylaw

Traffic Bylaw

Water Conservation Measures Bylaw

Water and Sewer Connecting Line Service Bylaw

Water Rates and Regulations Bylaw

Water Resale Bylaw

For a zoning amendment application please visit the Development & Regulatory Services Department

Zoning Bylaw

Zoning Bylaw – Development Permit Area Guidelines, July 2020

Zoning Maps

For questions regarding any City of Dawson Creek bylaws please contact:

Bylaw Enforcement Officer: (250) 784-3657 or bylaw@dawsoncreek.ca

Building Inspector: (250) 784-3655 or buildinginspection@dawsoncreek.ca


For questions regarding animal control or the SPCA please contact:

SPCA – General Inquiries (250) 782-2444

SPCA – Animal Control Officer (250) 719-7505

SPCA – Email southpeace@spca.bc.ca

SPCA Website – www.spca.bc.ca/branches/south-peace/