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The next local government election is scheduled for October 20, 2018, at the Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts from 8 am to 8 pm. Advance voting opportunities will take place from 8 am to 8 pm at the Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts on October 10th and 17th.

Key Dates for the 2018 General Local Elections

January 1, 2018 – September 21, 2018 Election period
July 27, 2018 Candidate packages available
September 4, 2018 – September 14, 2018 Nomination period
September 22, 2018 – October 20, 2018 Campaign period
October 10, 2018 Advanced Voting Day
October 17, 2018 Advanced Voting Day
October 20, 2018 General Voting Day
January 18, 2019 Financing disclosure statement filing deadline
February 18, 2019 Financing disclosure statement late filing deadline with $500 late filing fee

As nominations papers are received they will be posted here in the order received. Persons accessing this page acknowledge that:

In accordance with section 89(9) of the Local Government Act , they will not inspect the nomination documents or use information included in the nomination documents except for the purposes authorized by Part 3 [Electors and Elections] of the Local Government Act or by section 63 [restrictions on use of personal information] of the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.


Nomination Documents 


Trenten Laarz Trenten Laarz Nomination Pkg  
Dale Bumstead Dale Bumstead Nomination Pkg Elected 
David Griffith David Griffith Nomination Pkg  
Paul Gevatkoff Paul Gevatkoff Nomination Pkg Elected 
Johanna Martens Johanna Martens Nomination Pkg  
Cheryl Shuman Cheryl Shuman Nominations Pkg  
Shaely Wilbur Shaely Wilbur Nominations Pkg Elected 
Charlie Parslow Charlie Parslow Nomination Pkg Elected 
Jerimy Earl Jerimy Earl Nomination Pkg Elected 
Blair Lekstrom Blair Lekstrom Nomination Pkg Elected 
Amy Kaempf Amy Kaempf Nomination Pkg Elected 
School Trustees    
Jennifer Lalonde Jennifer Lalonde Nomination Pkg Elected 
Tamara Ziemer Tamara Ziemer Nomination Pkg Elected 
Angelina Schurmann Angelina Schurmann Nomination Pkg  

 Additional Candidate information available on CivicInfoBC.

Financial Disclosure Statement

For additional Local Election candidate information on campaign financing, visit: 

Elections BC Local Elections Disclosure Statements 

Information for Candidates

Thinking of running for Council? Check out the “Thinking of Running for Local Office” brochure from the Provincial Government and the Elections BC website for valuable information about local government elections.

Useful information for candidates can also be found on the Province’s website.

The Elections BC local elections campaign financing team is available to answer questions by phone at 1-855-952-0280 (toll-free) or by email at

Potential Candidate Videos

These videos give potential candidates information to help them with answers to questions that they may have before making the decision to run for local office. 

Characteristics of Effective Locally Elected Officials

What is Local Government

Testing your Readiness for Local Office

Roles and Responsibilities of Elected Officials

Local Government Decision Making

Information for Voters

The provincial legislation gives eligible B.C. residents the right to vote in general local elections and by-elections. For additional information on voting, visit: 

Ministry of Municipal Affairs 

BC Elections Information

The following links will provide more information on elections:

Ministry of Community Services, Local Government Division

Automated Voting Machine Authorization Bylaw

3993 General Local Government Election Bylaw (Consolidated Version)

Contact Information

For further information regarding Dawson Creek’s municipal elections, please contact:

Brenda Ginter, Chief Election Officer
10105 12A Street
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3V7
Tel: 250.784.3614

Cindy Fisher, Deputy Election Officer
10105 12A Street
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3V7
Tel: 250.784.3615

Elisa Valentin, Presiding Election Official
10105 12A Street
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3V7
Tel: 250.784.3695

More information will be posted to this web page as election day approaches.