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Grant Writing Support Service

Grant Writing Support Service FAQs

The Grant Writing Support Service assists non-profit community groups with research into funding programs, application development, writing support and submission and follow-up. 

Who can access the grant writing service?

Organizations must operate as a non-profit to be eligible for grant writing support. While it is advantageous to be an incorporated Society for many funding programs, this is not required in order to access the service.

Is there a priority ranking for Grant Writer time?

Yes. City of Dawson Creek projects have first priority for the Grant Writer’s time. Groups that provide services within Dawson Creek city limits receive the next priority, while groups in the surrounding region will be assisted upon availability. Many grants have specific application periods and deadlines, whereas others are continuous. While the Grant Writer will work to complete all applications in a timely manner, there may be some interruptions in your service for other projects with approaching deadlines. Availability may be limited during peak deadline seasons. 

Does my organization need to pay for this service?

No. The Grant Writing Support program is provided by the City of Dawson Creek, in partnership with Northern Development Initiative Trust. 

How long before a deadline do I need to be in contact?

Because of the demand on the Grant Writer’s time is split between many groups, it is a good idea to be in contact well in advance of a deadline. All details required to complete an application must be provided at least two weeks prior to a deadline, and longer when a City Council resolution is required. 

Can the Grant Writer help us develop a project?

Organizations are expected to provide all of the required details about a project to the Grant Writer, including budget, quotes, letters of support and timelines. The Grant Writer’s role is to assist with finding grants, but it is up to the organization to provide the required information. 

What if we have a financial need but do not know which grants we can apply to?

No problem! The Grant Writer has access to a funding research database and has a good idea of general timelines and deadlines for different grant programs throughout the year. If you have a specific project in mind, let the Grant Writer know so that she can research potential funders. 

How do I contact the Grant Writer?

Deanna Larson, Grant Writer
Phone:  250-719-6431