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Floodplain Exemptions

Construction within a designated floodplain is restricted by the floodplain regulations of the Zoning Bylaw. These regulations put a general prohibition of development within the floodplain or near any body of water. In accordance with the Local Government Act, floodplain regulations cannot be varied by a Development Permit or Development Variance Permit, only by a floodplain exemption resolution approved by Council. As the floodplain forms part of the natural hazard Development Permit Area; all applications for a flood exemption also require an application for a Development Permit.

In general, development within the floodplain is discouraged. All applications for floodplain exemptions should be evaluated based on current policies found in the Official Community Plan or most recent floodplain studies along with the provincial Flood Hazard Area Land Use Management Guidelines. The provincial guidelines can be found here: