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Rezoning & Zoning Bylaw Text Amendments

The City of Dawson Creek’s Zoning Bylaw:

The Zoning Bylaw defines: permitted uses, development density, siting of buildings, building heights, lot coverage and off-street parking and loading, among other items, within Zoning Districts (i.e., zones).

Steps to Rezoning a Property:

Owners of property may apply to amend the zoning on their property. Any Rezoning (Zoning Bylaw Map Amendment) must be in accordance with the City’s Official Community Plan.  Any development permit or building permit issued by the City, or any subdivision approved by the City’s Approving Officer, must also be in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw.

Zoning Bylaw Text amendments amend a requirement or regulation within the Bylaw affecting a particular zone (e.g., permitted uses or density).  Such amendments would affect all properties within that zone. Like a rezoning, a text amendment must be in accordance with the Official Community Plan.

Rezoning Amendment Application Guide

Rezoning Application Package

Please consult the relevant bylaws and other documents for specific regulations and requirements.

How to find the Zoning of a Property:

Click on the map

  1. Accept the webmap terms and condition
  2. Click on the “Layer List”
  3. Go to the “Planning” layer and click “Zoning”
  4. Use the “Search” function and type in an address in the address box
  5. Click on the property and click the triangle at the top to see the zoning


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Note: This webpage is provided only as a guide for public use and convenience. Changes to the information outlined may be made where circumstances warrant. Please consult the City’s bylaws and other documents including the Community CharterLocal Government Act, and Land Title Act.