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Fees & Charges

Development Application Fees

For a list of application fees for development applications including rezoning, subdivision, development permit and development variance permit, please see below:

Development Permit
Development Variance Permit
Official Community Plan Amendment
Subdivision Application plus $25/lot
Temporary Commercial & Industrial Permit
Walkway Closure (+plan fees, land transfer fees and advertising costs)
Zoning Amendments
Combined OCP/Zoning Amendment
Application for Exclusion from ALR
Application for Inclusion of property within the City Boundaries (+advertising costs)

* Fee includes advertising costs

Development Cost Charges

Development applications are subject to pay Development Cost Charges (DCCs) to the City at the time of approval.  Also, the file manager will provide the applicant with an estimate of the City’s DCCs, in addition to the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District DCCs and School Site Acquisition charges that will also be required.

For information on the Development Cost Charges (DCC), refer to the Development Cost Charge Bylaw No. 4149, 2012.


Development Services Department

Phone: 250-784-3618

Note: This webpage is provided only as a guide for public use and convenience. Changes to the information outlined may be made where circumstances warrant. Please consult the City’s bylaws and other documents including theCommunity CharterLocal Government Act, and Land Title Act.