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Licences & Permits

Licences & Permits

Development Permits and Applications

Depending on the location of the property and type of development, a Development Permit may be required.

Building Permits 

Prior to building or making changes to your home or property, check here for information regarding the use of land, buildings and structures, City Bylaws related to building on your property, obtaining building permits and inspections. 

Business Licences 

The City of Dawson Creek requires every person carrying on, maintaining, owning or operating within the City any profession, business, trade or occupation, to hold a valid business licence.

Right-of-Way Disturbance Permit 

A Right-of-Way Disturbance Permit is required prior to any work taking place within a City Right-of-Way.

Dawson Creek Oversized_Truck_Permit_Application

The efficient movement of goods and services is critical to the economic development and long-term prosperity of the City. Trucks traveling within the City of Dawson Creek are required to follow Federal, Provincial and municipal government regulation. For local delivery to a destination, the most direct route must be used by way of an Arterial or collector road where feasible. Vehicles exceeding bylaw limits must obtain an Oversize/Overweight Permit before traveling in Dawson Creek.

Application for Encroachment

From time to time, it is necessary or desirable for property owners, residents, developers or businesses to encroach into City owned and/or controlled land. Council has the ability to grant this permission based on an approved application. Encroachment permits are required for the temporary or the permanent use of City-controlled lands such as boulevards, road allowances, right-of-ways, etc.Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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Note: This webpage is provided only as a guide for public use and convenience. Changes to the information outlined may be made where circumstances warrant. Please consult the City’s bylaws and other documents including the Community CharterLocal Government Act, and Land Title Act.