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Master Plans – OCP, Zoning and Transportation

Official Community Plan

The City’s Official Community Plan is a comprehensive plan to guide future land use and address related needs for amenities, services, and infrastructure support. The OCP operates in conjunction with the Zoning Bylaw and other municipal bylaws, and guides City Council as they consider zoning changes.

Zoning Bylaw

The Zoning Bylaw defines: permitted uses, development density, siting of buildings, building heights, lot coverage and off-street parking and loading, among other items, within Zoning Districts (i.e., zones).

Transportation Master Plan

A Transportation Master Plan is a blueprint document used by City staff to guide development of appropriate transportation facilities within the City and to answer inquires from residents and road users. The Transportation Master Plan will also be used by City staff to guide growth and new development.

Transportation Master Plan

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

The Sewer Master Plan is a document that identifies capital upgrades to the City’s sanitary sewer collection system as a result of an overall analysis of the existing system.

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

Drainage Master Plan

The Drainage Master Plan’s primary objective is to develop a prioritized Capital Project List for the stormwater network to guide the City’s capital planning efforts for the next 10 years.

Drainage Master Plan

Drainage Master Plan – Appendices


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