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Zoning Bylaw Review & Update

This year the City of Dawson Creek along with our consultant Urban Systems will be undertaking a comprehensive review and update to the City’s Zoning Bylaw.

If you guessed D) above, you’re correct!

The Zoning Bylaw is the main regulatory bylaw for land use and development. It affects every property in the City and can have lasting impacts on how people use their property. The Zoning Bylaw is also a major implementation tool of the Official Community Plan, which was updated just last year. 

The survey available at the public workshop is now available online! Click here to take the survey. The survey will be available until February 15th

You can check out the City’s interactive webmap to check out the zones you currently live and work in. Once you’ve opened the map on your browser, you can type your address into the property finder, then click on the “layer list” tab, then under “City Data Layers” and “Planning”, check off the box for “Zoning”. You can then click on any property in the City to see the zoning for that property.