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Bi-monthly Utility billing

Please choose your section for more detailed information about utilities:


Receive your utility bills by email. To sign up, please call (250)784-3610 or email


Online Banking

Add City of Dawson Creek – Utilities as a payee on your online banking. Use your 7 digit account number found on the utility bill, the decimal may need to be removed but use all 7 digits.


Pre-Authorized Payments

Pay your bills the hassle-free way. With our Pre-Authorized Payment option, your payment can be automatically taken from your chequing account. How do I join?

  •      Complete and sign the enrollment/authorization form below.
  •      Attach either a “void” cheque, or bank deposit form
  •      Return this enrollment/ authorization form and void cheque to our office.
    • return by email to:

Pre-Authorized Payment Form


Rental Property

Rental Property Form


General Utility Bill FAQs

I’ve purchased a new home, or I’m moving?
The utility account stays with the address of the property. The Statement of Adjustments you received from your lawyer or notary during the purchase or sale of your home shows the adjustment made to your utility account. Please contact your lawyer if you have any questions about your statement of adjustments.

I’ve moved and need to change my mailing address for my utility bill?

If your mailing address is changing, please contact our utility department at (250) 784-3610 or by email at

When can I expect my utility bill?
The City of Dawson Creek mails utility bills every two months. Water meters are read on average every 60 days.

How do I convert my utility bill?
All consumption is billed based on cubic meters 
1 cubic meter = 1,000 Liters or 220 imperial gallons


For further information on your utility account please contact our utility department at:
(250) 784-3610 or by email: